We regard Cognetive as part of the team here. They understand the nature of our business; help us with, not only maintenance, but also the development of our systems by taking the time to understand our business requirements. As such, they have become advisors not contractors.

Financial Company

We are pleased with the speed and quality of response from the team at Cognetive. With them on standby, IT is not a fear zone for us.

Hotel Manager

What a delight to work with an IT company that don’t blind you with technical jargon but find the solutions to your problems on budget and on time. A rare treat in today`s market to work with pro-active problem solvers!!!


For 6 years our small business has received excellent service from Cognetive, their personal commitment to get to the bottom of any IT issue has given us much needed confidence and security in our systems – thank you! 

Business Coaching Firm

Cognetive has a very positive approach to problem solving and has made our lives easier!


In a fast moving IT world it is imperative that we have real time resource to a team that knows it stuff, is proactive and also understands our particular needs. Cognetive have shown that they can gauge when to embrace new software and when it is best to wait whilst understanding the cost/benefit situation particular to our very live world.


As a US based company, setting up our UK operation to work hand-in-hand with our HQ systems and support was a significant concern. From strategic planning of how our UK operation’s IT should be set up, to installing software and day-to-day support, Cognetive is paramount to maintaining a successful operation in the UK which dovetails with our US systems and support.

Marketing Firm

The most important aspects to us are having knowledgable staff who can get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible, and fast and efficient service. Cognetive have both in abundance, hence our long term relationship. We are delighted to endorse their services, their professional and friendly service have been great assets to us here.

Sporting Club